How does direct marketing work? | How fruitful can it be?

As the name says, direct marketing is direct two-way communication . Using these campaigns advertisers can create a dialogue between them and consumers (the already existing and potential ones) and maintain this relationship as long as possible or desired. We recommend EDDM® Every Door Direct Mail® printing for the best door mail marketing services.

Companies can adapt to the client and offer the discounts they claim, according to their needs, and adapt them individually.


But how is its operation? It is based on the use of databases that include the detailed information of each client or lead. Using this information you can adjust promotions, direct marketing communications according to the needs of the segmentation or even individual customers.

Benefits of direct marketing

The direct marketing offers multiple benefits for brands achieving its objectives. Marketers know that developing a direct online marketing strategy will provide these advantages to our customers:

  • Optimization of the marketing budget . With direct marketing oriented to the digital environment you can establish real goals and improve sales with a tight budget. If you have your audience detected, you optimize and direct the entire process of the campaign correctly, you will achieve good results at a much lower cost than with traditional advertising . Remember that direct online marketing is a quick and cheaper method of reaching the consumer.
  • Potential customers . How we address contacts extracted from the database of the brand or third parties, we know that we go directly to our potential target to spread the product or service of the advertiser. Its effectiveness is greater than other channels. Thus we will put all our efforts in those actions that do work. Each specific segmentation of our audience will receive a personalized and adapted message.
  • Increase sales via new, current and old customers . Efforts must go in three directions when conducting direct marketing campaigns. On the one hand, to activate communication with your old customers and recover them through a new purchase process. The objective is to recover them and to become habitual consumers. On the other hand, we have new customers, those for whom we have data, but who have never used our product or service. To them we must send them specific campaigns, like “if you register for the first time you will get a discount”. And finally the current customers, who are the ones who are providing us with the profits of the moment and we must generate a type of communication that rewards them for their loyalty and becomes regulars over time.
  • Improve loyalty . You can increase the results by combining direct digital marketing and your loyalty program. If you are in direct contact with your consumers you can personalize the messages of your emails, promotions and offers, thus creating an immediate link.
  • New business opportunities . The direct marketing allows you to continuously adapt to market needs and thus respond much more effectively.
  • Analysis of the metrics and results . You can directly measure the results with direct response campaigns. This allows brands and advertisers to take full advantage of A / B testing and make decisions in real time.

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